Steve Cadigan

Menlo Park, United States English, French

About me

I love all sports, particularly tennis, basketball and baseball. I played some of each sport in college but primarily tennis. I enjoy playing sports and watching sports and doing this with my family as well. I have worked in the field of Human Resources for 25 years and I love talking about organizations, leadership development, management development, performance management, mergers & acquisitions, culture change and many similar topics. I like drinking belgium beer particularly Triple Karmeleit and Westmalle. I grew up in South Africa for 5yrs as a child and have lived outside of the US for about 1/5 of my life - with a few years in Singapore and 4 years in Canada on top of my time in South Africa.


  • Culture
  • history
  • wine
  • cycling
  • Coaching
  • baseball
  • Sport (basketball,soccer)
  • reading
  • beer
  • tennis
  • human resources
  • organization development
  • culture change
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • Belgium beer
  • South Africa
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • SF Giants
  • Forty Niners
  • Hockey - Canucks
  • tour de France

My proposals

Tennis, Cycling & Culture

If you come to visit San Francisco, I will arrange to play tennis with you on any number of tennis courts - mostly public, but some private as well. We can play a game of tennis and then have some coffee or beer afterwards depending on our appetite. I played tennis in university about 30 years ago but I can still enjoy playing and give you a good workout if that is something that interests you. Or, if you like cycling, I have been cycling the roads of the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years and I know some amazing bike trails and routes to ride. I like cycling on the road and would love to have company ride with me on some amazing roads in the mountains, around the Bay, near the ocean. I am not in amazing shape but i can easily ride 20-40 miles if you are up for it. It would be really fun to show visitors to the area some great places to ride followed by a cold beer or drink. If you enjoy both Cycling and Tennis then we can enjoy each during your visit. I love to meet people of different cultures and talk about the things that are similar and different around the world - so while we practice cycling or tennis we can discuss this if it interests you.