Our Community is built on Trust

  • 1

    We belive in people. We believe in heroes who love their city and are willing to share their own story.

  • 2

    We always contact with every new hero during the approval process of publishing an activity proposal.

  • 3

    We foster meetings to experience the destinations in a different way and those meeting are arranged in the our Web site.

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    We also believe having a member's real name empowers to do independent research before meeting in-person. Completing as much information as you can about you is one basic rule to keep everyone honest, visible and safe. That's why we're encouraging members to use your real names and complete your Passports as much as you can.

  • 5

    In addition everyone in the community can ask for a recomendation, so you can create your own references, this is very useful both as a traveler and as Local Hero. The more references you have the easier will be to everyone to know and trust you.

  • 6

    and just remember to treat everyone like you would like to be treated.