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NOMADERS is an online platform that gives users access to the daily life of a destination, its changing aspects and insight into lived experience by connecting travelers and locals: if you travel, you'll feel as though you live there; if you live there, you'll be able to offer your own version of what that experience entails.

Our offer is unique for a reason, it includes the combination of the best of both worlds: unique experiences with locals and all the necessary services for any traveler: flights, hotels, transport, activities...

NOMADERS is a business entity and one of its main activity focuses on intermediation and/or the organization of tourist services, for which it has been granted every relevant license by the Comunidad de Madrid (C.I.C.M.A.: 1874).

Through the WEBSITE, NOMADERS makes available to USERS several services and contents, either offered by NOMADERS itself or by third-party service and/or content providers. With regard to said services, the following are mentioned as example: the booking of airline tickets, hotels, activities or transportation services.

The present Conditions of Use regulate the generic usage of the WEBSITE. The effective purchase of any of the services offered by NOMADERS shall abide by what is set forth in the legislation in force on the matter and by the specific General Conditions set forth in the contract. Said General Conditions will be duly displayed to the USER. The USER shall read and/or print them, and expressly agree with them before making a reservation effective.

Any reservations or purchases of products or services made by the USER from any providers or tour operators chosen by the USER shall be subject to the specific terms and conditions set forth by said providers or tour operators for each case.



The terms and conditions set forth herein regulate the access and the usage of the URL nomaders.com  and any other subdomains (hereinafter, the WEBSITE), owned by NOMADERS S.L. (hereinafter NOMADERS), a Spanish limited liability company with head offices located at Calle Dulzaina 5 - Bajo. Madrid. Fiscal Identification Number B-84688761, inscribed in the Business Register in Madrid, page number 111 of tome 22676, under section 8, sheet code M-405607, Entry 1. E-mail: clientes@nomaders.com.

Of the one part, NOMADERS, and of the other part, the natural person able to enter the WEBSITE, hereinafter the USER, who may enter the WEBSITE for informative purposes or to hire or purchase any services offered through it. The USER declares being of full legal age and in legal capacity to purchase any of the services offered through the WEBSITE. The WEBSITE declines any responsibilities deriving from the usage of the WEBSITE by a minor; the minor, his/her parents or legal tutor/s shall be liable for any damages or financial consequences arising from the acts of the former.

The acceptance by the USER of the present General Conditions, the Privacy Policy and any other particular conditions regulating certain services is a mandatory requisite to be allowed usage of the WEBSITE and its services.

Consequently, by using the WEBSITE, USERS, fully and without reservation, accept each and every single condition set forth in the General Conditions of Use, in the version appearing the time of access to the WEBSITE, and especially any clauses referring to the limited liability of NOMADERS or any providers of any tourist services or tour operators. Therefore, USERS shall read carefully the present General Conditions before using the WEBSITE, as these might have been modified since the USER’s last entry.

Should the USER not accept the terms set forth in the General Conditions by NOMADERS, the USER shall refrain from entering the WEBSITE and/or using its services and/or contents.





The elaboration and updating of information about deals, products, services, fares, prices, routes, distances, features and whichever other relevant facts or pieces of information concerning the products and services offered through the WEBSITE, is responsibility of the providers of products or services, and not of NOMADERS, which takes no responsibility in updating, checking or supervising whether the information offered is exact, updated, comprehensive or precise.

The providers of products and services, within the scope of their own obligations and with regard to the USER, shall be responsible for the fulfilment of any obligation deriving from the applicable legislation in force and from the terms and conditions set forth in the General Conditions of Sale of every single product or service or package tour sold. NOMADERS shall take no responsibility with regard to any product or service not rendered directly by NOMADERS.



NOMADERS reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel the terms and conditions applicable to the present WEBSITE. In the event of any programmed change, NOMADERS shall give notice earlier than 15 days prior to any modification, limitation or cancellation being made effective.



5.1. Technical requirements for access

To have an access to the WEBSITE, the USER must have an access to the Internet, and shall respond of any access and/or connection charges, and must also have a computer or analogue device and any technical equipment and means necessary to enter the Internet, including a computer, a phone line, a modem, a router, or any other analogue communication system. For the correct access and usage of the contents and services featured at the WEBSITE, it might be necessary to download several programs or other logical elements into the USER’S computer. Any installation processes shall be performed by the USER, NOMADERS expressly declining any responsibility arising from such operations.

5.2. Obligation of proper usage of the WEBSITE, its services and contents;

a) The USER commits to use the WEBSITE, the services, the contents and the present General Conditions of Use in accordance to the law, morals, bonos mores and public order. The USER is under the obligation of using the WEBSITE, its services and contents in a diligent, proper, lawful manner, and in particular, shall refrain from:

1.Reproducing, copying, distributing, allowing public access through any communication modality, transforming or altering the Contents, unless the USER has been given by any of the right-holders the express authorization to do so, or it is legally permitted.

2.Deleting, ignoring or manipulating the "copyright" sign, or any other indication of protected or copyrighted contents, as well as any technical means of protection the Contents might bear, or whichever informative mechanisms the Contents might incorporate.

3.Using the forums set up by NOMADERS to post messages which hold no correspondence with the nature of a particular thread, and in particular, posting illegal, unlawful, defamatory contents, or any other content that might attack the rights of third parties or be harmful for computing equipments. NOMADERS reserves the right to delete any message deemed inappropriate.

The USER is under the obligation of storing in a diligent and secure way the passwords provided by NOMADERS to enter the WEBSITE, being the USER responsible for any consequence or any financial loss deriving from the lack of diligence in their custody.

b) NOMADERS is not controlling nor guaranteeing that there are no viruses or other similar elements among the Contents or in the electronic documents or files stored in the USER’S personal computer that might be able to alter the computing system (software and hardware) of the USER.

5.3 Access denial and revocation to the WEBSITE and/or to its services.

NOMADERS reserves the right to deny or withdraw permission to access the WEBSITE and/or its services, at any moment and without previous notice, to any USER who fails to abide what is stated in the present General Conditions of Use.

5.4 Usage of services offered

The services available at the NOMADERS WEBSITE are offered in accordance to the Policy of Unrequested Publicity (Política de Publicidad no Consentida), regulated within the Law of Services in the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico, LSSICE). Therefore, the USER and NOMADERS shall be bound to make use of the services in accordance to the Policy of Unrequested Publicity, and in particular, shall commit to:

   Not sending chains of unrequested e-mails.

   Should NOMADERS send USERS e-mails advertising products or services, the messages shall clearly bear the heading “Publicidad” (“Advertisement”) for the avoidance of confusions or misunderstandings.

Any person who has received an unrequested chain e-mail is offered the possibility of reporting it to NOMADERS at the following e-mail address: clientes@nomaders.com



a) NOMADERS shall not be liable, directly or subsidiarily, for what is set forth in the third paragraph of the present General Conditions of Use, and additionally, regarding the WEBSITE, for:

   The quality of the service, speed of access, the WEBSITE functioning properly, the availability of the page, or the uptime of the page.

   The information provided by the USER, collaborators or third persons.

   Any damage happening to the USER’s computer due to the usage of the WEBSITE.

   The veracity, accuracy or modernity of deals, products or services, prices, routes, distances, features or whichever other relevant fact or piece of information offered through the WEBSITE by providers of products or services.

   In addition, NOMADERS shall accept no responsibility arising from the non-performance or partial fulfilment on part of providers of products or services, from the terms and conditions of sale of each of the products and services that can be purchased through the WEBSITE, and/or deriving from their non-compliance with the laws in force.

   If any deficiency in bookings, confirmations and/or the execution of any of the services purchased through NOMADERS is due to events of force majeure (by way of information and in no case limited to: political or economical disorders or any disorder affecting security), these events being of an unforeseeable nature and beyond NOMADERS’ control, even if resulting in the non-fulfilment of any of the purchased services, the USER shall renounce to file any claim against NOMADERS for these deficiencies or non-fulfilments, unless a lack of professional diligence on the part of NOMADERS can be proven.

   The breach of any law, any attack to morals or bones mores or any alteration in public order as a consequence of the transmission, diffusion, storage, making available the contents, reception or access to the contents on the WEBSITE.

   Any violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, any attack to reputation or honour, or to personal or familiar intimacy, to the image of people (photographs), or to property rights or to rights of any nature belonging to a third party as a consequence of the transmission, diffusion, storage, making available the contents, reception or access to the contents on the WEBSITE.

   The links or hypertext links in the WEBSITE, which allow the USER to gain access to services and facilities offered by third parties, do not belong to NOMADERS and are beyond NOMADERS control; NOMADERS shall take no responsibility with regard to the contents they lead to or the information they offer, or whichever any other aspects that might arise from the use of said links and hyperlinks.

   Faults or errors of any nature existing in the contents or any faults or errors taking place as a result of the transmission, diffusion, storage, or making available the contents.

B) The USER:

   NOMADERS shall not be liable, directly or subsidiarily, for any illegal, unlawful, injurious or harmful act carried out by the USER.




The WEBSITE in its entireness: text, images, brands, graphs, logos, buttons, software files, combinations of colours, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and layout, is protected by Intellectual and Industrial property laws, being any reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation expressly forbidden, unless for personal and private use.

Moreover, it is expressly forbidden to reproduce, transmit, copy, publish, license or broadcast, entirely or in part, the information contained in these pages, whichever the finality or the means used.

By accepting these Conditions, any USER who writes any commentary or review on the WEBSITE, shall agree to assign NOMADERS the non-exclusive and worldwide right, in a perpetual and irrevocable manner and exempt of author’s rights, to assign to third parties, use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create deriving products, distribute and display any reviews or commentaries through any media. USER shall also grant NOMADERS the right to include the name of the author, should it be stated, along with said review or commentary.



It is expressly forbidden for minors to use and enter the WEBSITE. The WEBSITE shall block and deny access to persons under 18 years of age, and NOMADERS shall not be held responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided by USERS at registration.

USERS over 18 years of age with minors in their charge are reminded that determining what services and/or contents are suitable for the age of the minors is the USER’S exclusive responsibility.

USERS are informed that there are software programs in the market capable of filtering and blocking access to certain contents and/or services, so that parents, for example, can decide which contents in the WEBSITE minors are allowed access to and which not.



The present Conditions, although translated into English, have originally been written in Spanish, and are subject to the Spanish legislation in force. For the settlement of any dispute arising from the offered services or contents of the WEBSITE, by accepting the present Conditions, the parties agree to solve any dispute under the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals in Madrid (Spain).



The only payment methods currently accepted at www.NOMADERS.com are credit or debit cards.

In the event a debit card is being used for payment, USERS are informed always to specify this payment method during the purchase process, especially in the case of air ticket reservations, because due to the way reservation systems operate with Visa cards, apart from the actual charge on the card, a temporary (never longer that a month) blocking of the same sum might occur.




The USER agreement upon the limited liability of NOMADERS is essential for NOMADERS to issue any tickets. Therefore, concerning the issuance of airline tickets, the maximum responsibility NOMADERS shall be liable for is:

a. The execution and management of airline tickets.

b. The execution of bookings, including the furnishing of certain fees.


The financial liability of NOMADERS shall in no case exceed the total cost of the purchased ticket/s plus an extra 20% (including any administrative costs the USER might be charged). Therefore, should NOMADERS make an error or gross negligence in carrying out the aforementioned activities, the maximum responsibility would be limited to the previously mentioned amount. Moreover, NOMADERS shall under no circumstance be responsible for the loss of profits caused by error or negligence during a transaction.

2.- FEES

NOMADERS will charge the following amounts when buying airline tickects

   Bookings made in www.nomaders.com will have a 12eur issuance fee, for all airlines, fares and destinations. These fees are not refundable.

   In any other case the fees will be 24eur. for all airlines, fares and destinations. These fees are not refundable.

Airline could charge a fee by payment with card by each ticket, between 4 and 8 euros.



Whenever a “Turista con restricciones” (“Economy Lowest”) ticket is purchased, unless otherwise expressly stated, USERS should be informed that that fare does not allow changes or cancellations, and no refund of the booking expenses shall be considered. This means that the passenger shall not be allowed to use the ticket in any other way different to the purpose and the conditions it was purchased under. Customers shall not be allowed to use a return ticket if they have not previously used the departure ticket.


USERS should be informed that some air companies do not update their actual availability on Galileo (the airline booking system our systems are connected to). Although works are in progress to allow for actual availability to be displayed, on occasions it might happen that a company might reject a reservation. As such errors do not depend on NOMADERS, NOMADERS declines any responsibility for such faults, but the USER affected in such a way shall be contacted within 24 working hours to be offered the best available alternative.

Cancellations or delays:

Whenever a cancellation or a delay is due to acts or omissions of an airline, the airline shall be under the obligation of compensating any inconveniences passengers might suffer, providing for lodging and food expenses in the event the passengers are forced to a long stay. However, if delays or cancellations are due to events of force majeure (natural disasters, wars, etc.), the airline shall not be liable for any compensation.

Missed Connections:

Passengers are under the obligation of arriving at the airport at the time set by air companies, with plenty of time ahead for them to go through pre-flight airport procedures comfortably. Whenever connections to other flights are necessary, passengers must know a minimum interval between connection flights is stated in aviation regulations, so in the event a passenger arrives in time but nevertheless misses a connection flight, the airline shall be responsible for boarding the passenger on the next available flight, unless the passenger’s ticket has some kind of restriction. If the missed connection flight is operated by the same company as the previous flight, the airline company shall be liable in 100% of the cases. It is very important to point out that economy fares are more restrictive, so although the airline company shall work on a passenger’s case to offer a solution, his/her case shall never be given priority. Passengers are recommended to ask our agents what the minimum lapse of time in between flights is, and also to arrive with plenty of time before departure.

Air ticket validity:

As for air tickets which have been purchased at standard or full rates, they are valid for a year. But given the fact that many of the tickets that are purchased benefit from some kind of discount, offer, or are sold under certain special conditions, it is advisable to ask our travel agents in order to avoid undesired problems. Generally speaking, it must be said that the cheaper the fare is, the more restrictive it is when trying to make any changes in dates, or for the ticket to be returned or reimbursed, and likewise, the more expensive a ticket is, it is generally more flexible.


Selling air tickets in excess is a legal possibility that most of the airlines make use of. Problems happen because of overbookings or oversales in the times of the year when a higher tourist activity is registered, since more tickets have been sold than the number of available seats, and in consequence, some passengers are forced to remain on land. In those cases, airline companies are under the obligation of finding an alternative route for the passengers to reach their destination, and also to run up with food and accommodation expenses if passengers are forced to stay overnight. Financial compensations are regulated by what is set forth in the European Council Rule 295/91 and is fully in force in all the countries in the EU. Compensations vary depending on the distance to destination (the farther away destination is, the higher the compensation shall be) and also on how long it takes for the next flight to be available. The USER shall be given the choice to receive reimbursement.

Stolen or lost luggage:

If a passenger notices at baggage claim that his/her luggage is damaged or has been opened, the first thing that should be done is to check for missing items, and immediately afterwards report the incident filing a claim at the carrier’s desk. Airline employees ought to take note of the claim, and in the end, if the luggage is officially considered lost, the airline should pay for the estimated value of the lost bag or replace it with a new piece of luggage. In the event a passenger is forced to incur extra expenses due to the loss of luggage (that is, buying clothes or personal hygiene products), the passenger should be refunded for the purchases in the region of approximately 30 EUR per day. Should a passenger consider his/her case to be particular and therefore believe to be entitled to a larger compensation, there might be no other option than filing a lawsuit and withstand the long process entailing from it. When collecting his/her luggage, if a passenger notices an item/s to be missing, the carrier might ask the passenger to report it to the police. Receiving compensation from the airline will be no simple task, because it will be very difficult to prove that the missing item/s were actually inside the luggage. It is advisable, for these losses to be avoided, to take out an insurance policy to cover these losses through compensations from insurance companies.


With every purchased airline ticket, passengers are purchasing, many times unadvertedly, an insurance policy. This insurance is compulsory and only covers civil responsibilities. If additional coverage is needed, it is advisable to take out an additional insurance policy. For not much money, there are different kinds of policies that cover the loss of valuable items, trip cancellations, medical expenses, medical repatriations, etc. These policies are highly recommendable and reasonably priced, but as they are optional, passengers are suggested to enquire in person, so that they can purchase the one best suitable to their needs. The travel agents at NOMADERS are always willing to help, so passengers are encouraged to ask for advice.


Passengers are responsible for their own visas, and also responsible for meeting any requirements set by the immigration authorities of the country the passenger is travelling to. Airline companies regularly check if their passenger’s visas are in order, but the passenger is, in the end, the ultimate responsible for his documents.



From October 26th 2004, only those Spanish citizens bearing a machine-readable passport (MRP) will be allowed to enter the United States without a visa, within the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

What is a machine-readable passport (MRP)?

An MRP contains a page where the bearer’s personal information is encoded according to international regulations. The size of the passport and its photograph, as well as how the information is arranged in two lines to be read mechanically must meet the rules set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

How can I know if my passport is an MRP?

The model currently being issued in Spain is an MRP. If your passport is a former model or if does not include a digital photograph, then it is NOT an MRP. If in doubt, please contact a passport office near your residence. The passports that are currently being issued in Spanish Consulates abroad feature machine-readable features. If you are holding a passport issued by a Spanish Consulate, you can request further information at the Consular Affairs General Office (Dirección General de Asuntos Consulares (Tel: +34 91 379 16 05 / 07) or at the nearest consulate.

What shall I do if my passport is not an MRP?

If your passport is not an MRP, you shall not be allowed entrance to the United States without a visa within the Visa Waiver Program after October 26th, 2004. You should ask for an MRP issued by the Government of Spain or at the United States’ Embassy in Madrid, for a machine-readable visa.


100 ml capacity maximum per unit

The current restrictions from ICAO for liquids, aerosols, creams, lotions, toothpaste, syrups, perfumes and gels and other articles of a similar nature, and in effect in most many countries are that they must be in containers 100ml or equivalent, placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with maximum capacity of 1 litre. At security screening, plastic bags should be shown separately from other items.

Medications, baby milk/foods, special dietary requirements

Passengers are allowed to carry in their hand luggage medications or other liquids, such as baby milk/food, or special foods pertaining to special dietary requirements as long as they are to be used on board. It is, nevertheless, mandatory to show these items for inspection at security controls.

Duty-Free shopping for liquids is allowed

Once passengers have gone through the security screening and before boarding, they are allowed to purchase any liquids in duty-free or commercial areas and carry them as hand luggage on board. The transportation of liquids is not subject to any limitation because these products have gone through a previous and exhaustive screening, even more precise than the controls passengers are compulsorily to pass. In the case of a stopover in another airport , any purchased liquids, creams, lotions, etc should be carried in a sealed bag containing the receipt, which must be kept sealed until arrival at final destination. Iberia shall deliver whichever product that is sold on board in sealed bags that meet these requirements.

Portable computers and electronic devices

Laptops and other oversized electronic devices shall be removed from hand luggage before going through the security screening and shall be subject to separate examination.

Jackets and coats

Passengers are to take off any coats, jackets or the like at security controls for them to be subject to x-ray examination. The new measures concerning pieces of clothing are similar to the ones in force on flights departing the United Kingdom and on flights arriving in or leaving the United States.


Through its search engine, NOMADERS deals a wide variety of hotels at the best rates.

NOMADERS shall not be responsible for the services and rates displayed through the search engine by the different service providers.

NOMADERS’ task is to facilitate searches and bookings by unifying formats and gathering information.

¡ When making a reservation, USERS shall be sent an e-mail confirmation from NOMADERS, as well as a VOUCHER which is to be given at the hotel as a guarantee that the accommodation and any other services have been paid for. No other physical documents are necessary.

No charges will be made until the reservation has been fully confirmed at 100%.

Our reservations are always guaranteed, even in the case of check-ins after 20h00 (hotels in Spain and Andorra) or 19h00 (hotels in any other destinations).


Whenever a client does not show up at the hotel and prior notice has not been given, the situation shall be handled in a strict way, because, being all bookings fully guaranteed, the hotel would otherwise lose profits by not being able to offer the vacant room/s to other potential guests. In this way, no refunds shall be provided for “no shows”, and the client shall be charged 100% of the rate.


Cancellations and modifications are to be made either through the following phone number: + 34 91 384 61 97 or through this e-mail address: clientes@nomaders.com. Any cancellation made within less than three days prior to check-in date, shall incur charges. The amount is variable, depending on the destination, the date and the hotel in question. Any reduction in number of hotel rooms, nights of stay or name of the client shall be considered a cancellation.


Whenever a fair, a convention or a local holiday is taking place, hotel rates might be subject to supplements or surcharges, in some cases, increasing considerably even over any published rates. These rates may also be subject to specific cancellation charges which shall be determined in each particular case. Many hotels might even refuse to accept modifications or total or partial cancellations, reserving the right not to reimburse any fee. The dates on which fairs or local holidays take place are subject to changes. We encourage travellers to check the dates of every event in particular so that the exact accommodation dates can be confirmed. NOMADERS shall not accept any responsibility for any change in dates that might happen without prior notice.


In some countries, a local tax called “city tax” is charged and is to be paid directly at the hotel. The rating each hotel is given is reported by each establishment. Their rating is given in accordance to specific rules in force in each country. Therefore, hotels with the same rating might not offer the same amenities and might differ in quality. Throughout the year, some hotels undergo a change in name or brand, which shall not be taken as a change in hotel or a modification of the reservation.



   A flat 5% rate of the service cost, to be added onto the reservation total. This amount shall not be refunded under any circumstance.

   In the event the USER has to be shipped a voucher of other physical documents, an 8 EUR fee shall we charged. No shipments shall be made outside the territory of Spain.


Whenever special conditions apply with regard to an Activity or a Transportation Service, the client shall be informed at the moment of making the reservation about any special cancellation charges that might be applied in each case.


Any cancellation made within three days prior to check-in date shall incur 100% cancellation charges of the cost of the Activity or Transportation Service. On the contrary, if the cancellation is made prior to the 3-day limit, there shall not be cancellation fees. The 100% cancellation charges shall only be applied whenever there is a Modification which implies a decrease in the number of clients.


   The food for any child taking one of these tours free of expense might not be included, and might have to sit on an adult’s lap of if there are no free seats.

   Tips are not included, and are left at the USER’S discretion.

   The providers of Panoramic Tours might reserve the right to ask a passenger to leave the tour if his/her acts or conduct are considered offensive or harmful to other passengers, without incurring any liability by doing so.

   Providers of Panoramic Tours decline any responsibility over articles forgotten or left over in their vehicles.

   Pick-up time and duration of tours are estimated, and might be subject to the circumstances of traffic.

   When pick-up at hotel is offered, the provider shall pick up guests at the majority of hotels in the area, not necessarily in all of them.

   Should a provider not be able to pick the client up at his hotel, the provider shall suggest an alternative pick-up point.

   The providers of Panoramic Tours reserve the right to alter an itinerary or to cancel a tour without prior notice.

   Whenever a tour is cancelled, at least one of these following options shall be offered to the clients:

                    Taking part in the chosen tour on an alternative date or schedule.

                    Taking part in an alternative tour.

                    Reimbursement of the total tour fee.

Clients are reminded to make sure they arrive at the place of departure or their tour or activity 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled pick-up time.



At the point of making reservations, should there be any special conditions attached to any activity of the Client’s choice, he/she shall be informed of the applicable cancellation conditions. For any activity devoid of special cancellation conditions, charges shall be applied in relation to the date of cancellation and the amount of time remaining until the date on which the activity was scheduled to take place.


Any cancellation made within 4 days prior to the check-in date shall be charged 100% of the activity’s fee. Provided that any notice is given before the mentioned 4-day limit, no cancellation or modification charges shall be made. Modification charges shall only be applied in case there is a decrease in the number of people scheduled to take part in an activity.


Any passengers travelling with babies or small children and planning to engage in an activity involving a vehicle are reminded that they are expected to provide an adequate seat for the child, and it shall be their duty to install the seat in the vehicle properly. Failure to do so might result in the passenger not being given the service nor his/her money reimbursed.

   Luggage carriage services are not included.

   Tips are not included in the price.

   For any service at which passengers are going to carry luggage (e.g. a transfer service from the airport to the hotel or vice versa) it is the passengers’ responsibility to ensure, when making their reservations, that they are booking a vehicle big enough to carry all of their bulks. If carrying more luggage than what is considered normal, should it not fit inside the vehicle, the passengers will be to run up with any additional charges.

   In any service in which passengers are to be picked up in an airport, a train station, or a port, passengers are reminded to make sure they are located at the agreed meeting point, which is specified in their confirmation voucher.

   In the case the Driver or Representative cannot be located for the service to begin, passengers are indicated to call the number shown on the “Additional Information” sheet before arranging or hiring an alternative transport on their own.

   As for any services that are to start at the place of the passengers’ accommodation, it is essential for them to be waiting for the arrival of the vehicle at the meeting point, as indicated on their confirmation voucher, at least, 5 minutes before the agreed pick-up time.

   Prices for customized Trips and Tours, with a driver and/or a local guide do not generally include entrance tickets to museums, monuments, etc. Local guides usually enjoy free access to many sites, however, if the guide is entering along with passengers, passengers might be requested to cover the guide’s admission fee, as well as their own.

   In some cities, unguided sightseeing tours are available. On these tours the driver follows a route on which the most relevant tourist sites can be observed, and along the way, the driver is informing the clients of what there is and might add some historical or artistic comments on the views. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to stop the vehicle during the tour (due to parking restrictions in certain cities), and have the driver guide the passengers within a specific tourist site. Furthermore, in many cities, only licensed tourist guides are allowed to conduct guided tours. Hence, an unguided sightseeing tour might be the best option for those interested only in a panoramic visit to a city, whereas other might find other options more suitable for their interests.

   Customized tours must take place within the city limits.

   On customized tours, passengers are to expect the Local Guide to have a very good general knowledge of what there is to be seen of interest, but if an in-depth expertise on a particular subject or attraction is sought, a Local Guide might not be able to provide it.

   As for private transportation arrangements, if the service of a local Representative is requested, he might be able to assist passengers to check into their accommodation and at the check-in counter in the airport, train station or port.

   If, on the other hand, what is requested is the service of a local driver, he might only speak the native tongue and might not assist at check-in at accommodation and at the check-in counter in the airport, train station or port, so passengers are informed to bear in mind when making reservations to state in full detail the type of service they are requesting.

   In some cities, the Local Representative can only act within airport/train station/port premises, so passengers will be taken to a meeting point with their driver and from there, they shall be driven to their destination. At the moment of making their reservations, passengers are advised to state precisely and accurately any information relevant to the service they are requesting.

If a pick-up service at the airport is requested, for example, any relevant facts should be stated, as for instance, flight number, airline, ETA, etc…

The duration of a transfer relies on one hand, on traffic conditions, and on the other, on the distance to be covered. We shall take no responsibility for traffic delays or other circumstances that might affect a service, so passengers are asked to book their service bearing this in mind to prevent them from missing their flights, trains or any other connections.


   A flat 5% rate of the service cost, to be added onto the reservation total. This amount shall not be refunded under any circumstance.

   In the event the USER has to be shipped a voucher of other physical documents, an 8 EUR fee shall we charged. No shipments shall be made outside the territory of Spain.


With regard to the present General Conditions, the specific place on a given WEBSITE where the package tour which has led to this present Contract is advertised, having the mentioned offer previously been read by the Client, shall be referred to as the program/brochure. The program/offer is the detailed description of the package tour, and is contained in the program/brochure.

The information detailed in the program/offer, as part of the program/brochure shall be considered binding on the organizer or retailer, unless any of the following circumstances occur:

a. The Client is given written notice of any changes in the program/offer prior to the execution of the contract, provided that an express reservation thereon has been made in the program/offer by the Organizer.

b. Any modifications resulting from an agreement in written between the parties.


The Contract and its terms shall be considered binding on both parties. The Contract comprises the clauses set forth in the General Conditions section of the aforementioned program/brochure, which are to complete and expand the specific legislation in force and by no means to contravene it, and in addition, the Contract shall include any specific agreements reached between the Agent and the Client. This shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Package Tour Contract” or Contract. The Agent shall state in the contract what pre-arranged services are included in the package tour and, if any, what services have been customized for the Client, in addition to the global price of the package tour. The parties, specifically renouncing their own jurisdiction, agree that all litigation that might arise shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the place where the Contract was signed.


The organizer of this package tour shall be clearly identified on the mentioned program/brochure.


At inscription, and without prejudice to what is set forth in Article 3 in the Spanish Law of Package tours, the Agency shall charge the client at least 40% of the total cost of the trip as a reservation fee. No reservation shall be considered final until such deposit is made. The outstanding 60% shall be paid at least 21 days before departure date. Failure to pay the remainder of the total cost before the 21-day limit prior to departure shall result in the reservation to be considered cancelled, and, under such circumstances, what is stated on the Cancellations section shall be applied. Unless instalment payment is specifically requested by the client, the full price of the tour shall be charged upon reservation. Any reservations shall be confirmed before the signing of the contract.

Prices shown on the program/brochure shall include any applicable indirect taxes. Said prices have been set based upon the fees and the currency exchange rates in effect at the moment of the edition of the program/brochure and/or booklet and/or special deals which have given rise to this Package Tour. Such prices might be revised in the following events: changes in transportation costs, included the price of fuel; changes in customs, taxes, duties or fees regarding services included in the tour; changes in exchange rates that affect the Agent’s costs for the tour. Unless changes take place within 20 days prior to the Client’s departure, any variation shall be automatically charged to the Client, thus being the Retailer Agent under the obligation to inform the client about any variation, who, in his turn, shall have the right to withdraw from the contract and shall be entitled to a full reimbursement of any payments made. The Client shall exclusively apply for any reimbursement he/she is entitled to at the Retailer Agency where the inscription to the tour was made; no reimbursements shall be made owing to the Client voluntarily not using any of the services included in the package


1.Round trip transportation, provided that this service is included in the program/offer chosen by the Client and as chosen by him/her.

2.Accommodation and/or board regime, as chosen in each case for every hotel or establishment selected by the client or any analogue lodging he/she is given in case of a substitution, as specified in the program/offer chosen by the Client.

3.Any applicable hotel taxes or fees.

4.Technical assistance during the tour, provided that this service is specifically included.

5.Any other services and/or complements to take place during the itineraries included in the tour.

6.Indirect taxes (V.A.T., I.V.A., I.G.I.C...) whenever applicable.

7.Anything else specified in the Contract.

The only services to be considered as included in the price stated on the Contract shall be those expressly mentioned in the brochure, the programs or the documents provided for the tour. Any other service shall be paid for in advance before the start of the tour.

As a general rule, a strict interpretation of the Contract should be followed in order to determine whether if a certain service is included in the price of the tour or not; if something is not specifically mentioned on the contract, it shall most likely not be included


1.Any visa fees, airport fees and/or fees charged at the arrival or departure from a country, vaccination certificates, “extras” such as coffee, wine, liquors, mineral water, special diet requirements, laundry or ironing, optional hotel services, etc., and in general anything not expressly specified on the brochure, the programs or documents provided for the tour, shall not be included in the tour price.

2.Optional Trips of Visits Should the program/brochure inform about optional trips or visits which have not been purchased upon reservation, any contents about them included in the program/brochure shall be regarded as merely informative, and under no circumstance shall be considered as part of the package tour. The information published in the program/brochure is for guidance purposes and might vary when engaging in them upon destination. Furthermore, no guarantee is provided so as to these optional trips or visits being available at destination. When informing about the “estimated” prices of optional trips or visits, there might be changes (depending on the circumstances) with regard to initially calculated costs.

3.Snow Trips As for snow trips, unless otherwise stated on the program/brochure, ski lift fees and the cost of skiing courses are not included in the price.

4.Tips Tips or gratuities are not included in the price of package tours. Within boat cruises, tipping is not a voluntary courtesy, and at the beginning of any cruise, clients are to be informed they shall be under the obligation of satisfying a fee that shall be established with regard to the length of the cruise. This amount, set at the beginning of a cruise shall be assigned to service personnel.


1.- Apartments.

At reservation, the client is fully and exclusively responsible for stating the exact number of persons to occupy an apartment, not leaving out any children whatever their ages. Please notice that the apartment’s management shall be legally entitled to forbid entrance to any number of persons exceeding the occupation rate, and no claim because of this reason shall be accepted.In some cases, it might be possible for apartment managements to provide extra bed/s, cribs or carrycots, which shall at any rate be requested at reservation, the price of which, unless otherwise stated, shall not be included in the price of the apartment as published in the program/brochure.

It is a common practice in apartment rentals to have the client accept a legalized rental agreement upon arrival. The package tour Agency shall not become involved in this agreement, which shall be accepted and signed by the Client. The Client might be asked in many cases to leave a deposit or to take out a Civil Responsibility Insurance to answer for any possible damages caused to the property.

Check-in and key collection normally takes place during business hours (Normally from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00) at reception, the porter’s lodge or any other place specified in the package tour documents or program/offer. Check-in, as a general rule, is to take place after 17:00 of the date of arrival, and check-out, around 10:00. Given the particular rules these establishments abide by, we strongly recommend a strict observance of house timetables, in order to avoid any damage or inconvenience that might be caused.

2.- Hotels.

The overall quality of a hotel and its amenities is generally measured by the hotel’s official tourist rating, if the hotel has been assigned one, which is provided by the relevant official board in each country. Given the legislation presently in force, which allows only for the existence of single or double rooms, sometimes an additional extra bed can be fitted inside a room, but at any rate with the express knowledge and consent of the person/s occupying it. Therefore, an extra bed shall be considered acceptable with regard to the Client, in the event he/she has been notified such circumstance and the room is specified as triple in any voucher and/or documents an/or reservation print-outs and/or reservation confirmations of the purchased package tour. The same is to apply in the case of double rooms booked for quadruple use whenever so stated in the conditions shown on the program/brochure.

Usual check-in and check-out timetables depend on the first and last service to be used by the Client. As a general rule, on arrival day, Clients shall be allowed entrance to rooms after 12:00, and shall be expected to vacate their room before 12:00 on departure day. Should a Client be planning to arrive in a hotel or apartment at a different time or date to that stated in the reservation, it is extremely advisable, in avoidance of any problems or misunderstandings that might arise, to report in advance their intended arrival to the Agency, or directly to the hotel or apartments, depending on the case. It is also advised to passengers to check with the Agency, when completing their reservation, if they plan to travel with pets, since in general they are not allowed in hotels or apartments.

In the event the Organizing Agency is forced to change a hotel for another, after the initial hotel was confirmed, due to the celebration of any special event, or any other circumstance beyond the Agency’s control, the Agency shall only be liable for providing another accommodation alternative with an equivalent or better rating, and should this be impossible, to refund the Client the difference between the cost of the initially programmed hotel and the one the Client is finally accommodated in.

3. -Other Services.

For flights landing at destination after 12:00, the first service to be provided by the hotel, whenever it has been purchased as part of the package tour and is stated on the program/brochure, shall be dinner. Equally, for flights landing at destination after 19:00, the first service to be provided by the hotel shall be lodging for the night.

An air trip shall be understood as a straight flight whenever its physical documents consist of a single flight coupon.


At the request of the Clients, supplementary services might be provided by the Organizing Agency, which are to be paid for in advance to the trip. However, the Organizing Agency might be unable to confirm them at the moment of the reservation or at the start of the tour. Should the supplementary service finally result in a non-performance, the Organizing Agency shall be liable for refunding the fee paid by the client for the service the Client was not given, which shall take place after the trip has ended and through the Retailer Agency.


The luggage and any other personal belongings of the Client are not object of the Package Tour Contract. As for air transportation or with any other regard, as luggage shall be considered whatever the Client is carrying with him/herself on the trip, regardless of which part of the vehicle his/her belongings are stored in. Luggage is transported at the Client’s risk. The Organizing Agency shall accept no liability for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and/or contents, even in transfers from the accommodation to the airport or vice versa. Clients are advised to be present whenever possible to supervise the loading and unloading of their luggage.

Concerning the air, maritime or fluvial transportation of luggage, the conditions set forth by the air companies grouped under IATA shall be followed. In the event the client’s luggage sustains any damage or is missing, it is advised to file a claim immediately at the desk of the company that transported the luggage, unless the luggage is covered by travel insurance or the kind.


Given the diversity of treatments children can be given, depending on their age, the provider of services and tour dates, it is advised to ask if there are any special deals available for children. Generally speaking, concerning accommodation, special deals shall be applicable when the child/children share a room with two adults.


All Clients, adults and children, with no exceptions, shall bear any valid personal (ID, passport) and familiar documents required under the laws of the country or countries they are visiting. The cost of obtaining any visa, ID, passport, vaccination certificate, etc., to meet the requirements of any trip, shall be satisfied by the Client. If the event a Client is denied a visa due to any particular reason attributable to the Client, or entry into any country is denied because the Client is lacking any essential requisite, or has faulty or missing documents, the Organizing Agency shall decline any responsibility arising from the aforementioned causes. Additionally any cost owing to this cause shall be imputable to the Client and the conditions and rules set forth for cases of annulment or voluntary renouncement to services shall be applied. Clients are reminded, in particular, those clients whose nationality is different from Spanish, that before going on a trip, they must make sure they and their documents (passport, visa, etc.,) are in compliance with any regulation or requirement necessary for entry into any country. Clients under 18 years of age shall carry a written permission signed by the parents should it be requested by any competent Authority.

The Retail Agency shall provide the Client with specific information about the necessary requirements for the chosen trip and shall also offer the Client advice about the voluntary purchase of cancellation insurance and/or travel insurance, under which the Client shall be given assistance, for example, in the event of requiring medical care or a repatriation forced by an accident, sudden illness or death.


The Client shall at any moment desist from the requested or hired services, and shall be entitled to the reimbursement of any monies paid, either a deposit or the full sum, whichever the case. Nevertheless the Client shall be liable to the Agency for a compensation with regard to the following possibilities:

1.As for isolated services: the totality of the administrative service fees in addition to cancellation fees, if applicable.

2.As for package tours:

1.                The totality of the administrative service fees in addition to cancellation fees, if applicable.

2.                In the event of cancellation earlier than 10 days, but later than 15 days prior to departure, the traveller shall pay 5% of the price of the tour; in the event of cancellation earlier than 3 days, but later than 10 days prior to departure, the traveller shall pay 15% of the price of the tour; in the event of cancellation within 48 hours prior to departure, the traveller shall pay 25% of the price of the tour.

3.In the event of the client not showing up at the scheduled departure time, no refunds shall be given. Any trip or visit hired by the Client at destination shall abide with regard to cancellation by what is set forth in their specific conditions, and a 100% penalty shall be applied whenever the Client does not show up. The conditions set forth for cancellation charges shall in all circumstances be applicable, regardless of the causes which have given raise to the cancellation, even in the events of force majeure to the Client. If any of the hired and annulled services is subject to any special financial condition at contracting, such as the chartering of airplanes or boats, the hiring of apartments, flight rates (In the event of the client desisting, the Client shall pay 100%), accommodation, snow services, etc., any fee deriving from the Client desisting shall be established with regard to their specific conditions, which shall be reflected in the program/brochure which has given rise to the package tour. The Client of a package tour may assign his/her reservation to any third person (assignee) provided the assignee satisfies all of the terms and conditions in order to be able to participate in the tour, and also, provided that the Client notifies the Organizer 15 days prior to departure. If the contract has been assigned, the assignor and assignee shall be jointly and severally liable to the travel agency with respect to the outstanding sum payable for the tour and for any extra costs which may be incurred as a consequence of this assignment. The Agency shall have the right to refuse to accept this assignment, whenever a transport company or another party retained by the Organizer with governing rules of their own might reject the change in traveller. Under such circumstances the assignment shall not be completed. In some cases stipulated by the Organizer, provided that an express reservation thereon has been made in the program/offer, as for instance in the case the number of people enrolled on the tour is less than the minimum number stated on the contract for the tour to depart, the Organizer shall be entitled to cancel the tour, whenever it is noticed to the client in written earlier than 10 days prior to departure. The Client shall in turn be exclusively entitled to a full refund of any amounts paid, but shall not be entitled to damages from the Organizer. Should the Organizing Agency desist or cancel the tour, the Organizing Agency and the Retailer agency shall be liable to the client for compensation with regard to what is set forth in the Spanish Law of Package Tours (Ley de Viajes Combinados), Law 21/1995, from July 6th (Published in the B.O.E. on July 7th) as follows: In the event of cancellation earlier than 15 days, but later than 2 months prior to departure, the traveller shall be paid 5% of the price of the tour. In the event of cancellation earlier than 3 days, but later than 15 days prior to departure, the traveller shall be paid 10% of the price of the tour. In the event of cancellation within 48 hours prior to departure, the traveller shall pay 25% of the price of the tour. Should the Client desist or cancel the tour, he shall be liable to the Organizer, at least, for administrative service fees, in the amount of 10€.


The Agency shall be bound on the performance of any services hired by the Clients through the program/brochure, and as stipulated. Package tours Organizers and Retailers shall be liable to any damage suffered by non-performance or faulty performance of the contract.

If the Organizing Agency is unable to provide a service included in the Contract after the Contract has been signed but before departure, the Client shall be fully enabled either to withdraw from the contract and to be refunded any satisfied amounts or to accept the alternative conditions and pay any outstanding difference, if necessary. The Client shall then decide upon these two possibilities and inform the Agency within three days. Should the Client decide to accept the alternative proposal, he/she shall not be entitled to claim compensation for breach of contract.

In the event of the Organizing Agency cancelling the tour after the Contract has become binding on the parties yet earlier than the scheduled date and at no fault of the Client, nor due to the occurrence of a significant event or an event of force majeure, the Client shall be entitled to another package tour of equal of higher quality, or full reimbursement of any sums paid pursuant to the terms stated in the former paragraph. The Client shall decide within 3 days time and inform the Organizer accordingly. There shall be no entitlement to damages due to the cancellation of a tour by the Organizer due to an event of force majeure.

If, after departure, a significant part (more than 50%) of the agreed services cannot be provided, or are likely not to be provided, the Organizer shall arrange substitute alternatives at no extra cost to the Client. Should the price of the alternative be lesser than that of the agreed services, the Client shall be refunded the outstanding difference. Should The Client agree to continue on the tour, it shall be understood the Client tacitly accepts the alternatives provided. If a substitute arrangement cannot be organised or the Client rejects such arrangement on acceptable grounds, the Organizer shall at no additional cost to the Client provide equivalent transportation back to the place of departure or to another locality approved by the Client, notwithstanding any compensation the Client shall be entitled to.

Under such circumstances, the Organizing Agency shall be liable to damages due to breach of contract. The Client shall not be entitled to damages when breach of contract is due to the occurrence of a significant event or an event of force majeure.

Whenever the performance of a requested service is proved impossible, or any changes in the conditions (price included) are brought up to the Client by the Organizer Agency or Retailer, provided that the contract is not yet in force, these modifications shall be considered merely as natural negotiations within an agreement process.

Should the transfer or assistance from the airport to the hotel or vice versa, or any similar service included in the Contract not be provided, mainly due to causes not imputable to the transfer provider nor imputable to the Organizer, the Organizer shall reimburse only the cost of the alternative transportation used by the Client for the transfer, whenever a receipt or bill can be provided as substantial documental proof.

In the event the number of people enrolled on the tour is less than the minimum number stated on the contract for the tour to depart, the Organizer shall be entitled to cancel the tour, whenever it is noticed to the client in written earlier than 10 days prior to departure.

Any contractual liability of the Organizing Agency pursuant to any of the assumptions set forth in the present section shall abide by Article 9 of the Spanish Law 21/1995, from July 7th, regulating package tours.


The Organizing Agency and the Retailer Agency shall be liable to the Client with respect to what the latter is to demand as a consequence of the contract, and within their respective scope of responsibility within the contract. In particular, the Agencies shall be responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations stated in the Contract, irrespective of whether such obligations are to be carried out by the Agencies or by service providers. This notwithstanding, the Agencies shall in their turn demand liabilities to the service providers, as stated in these General Conditions and under any applicable laws.

Said liability shall cease under any of the following circumstances:

1.Any defect in the execution of the Contract imputable to the Client.

2.Any defect in the execution of the Contract imputable to a third party, the latter being unconnected with the scheduled services, and such defect being of an unforeseeable or avoidable nature.

3.Any defect arisen as a consequence of an event of force majeure, this being understood as any abnormal, unpredictable circumstance beyond the Organizer’s or provider’s control, the consequences of which could have not been avoided even having taken diligent measures to prevent it from occurring.

4.Any defect resulting from an event the consequences of which the Retailer or the Organizer could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome, independently of any diligent measure taken.

In the event of non-performance of a service, the Client shall report it to the provider of such service and, in addition, to the Agency, in a diligent and hasty manner, preferably at destination, or in any case within the five days immediately after the tour, thus allowing the Organizing Agency to state the veracity of the claim, and if reported at destination, also allowing for the Organizer to provide a satisfactory solution for the parties.

Should the Client deem the solutions provided by the Organizing Agency as not satisfactory, the Client shall have the right to file a claim within a month after the end of the tour through the Agency where the tour was purchased, providing substantial evidence to support having reported any non-performance no later than 5 days after it happened. Regardless of any claims filed by the Client resulting from the non-performance or faulty execution of the package tour contract, the Client shall still be in the obligation for paying entirely for the tour. The right to further claims shall be considered extinguished as stated under Article 13 in the Spanish Law 21/95 for package tours.

Damages pursuant to these terms and conditions shall, in addition to compensation for pure economic loss, include compensation for personal damages. With regard to personal damage resulting from the non-performance or faulty execution of the Contract, the economic liability of the organizer shall be determined in the manner provided by the relevant international conventions. As for non-physical damage, any compensations shall never exceed the total amount of the initially purchased package tour. Under no circumstance the Agency shall provide for accommodation or food expenses resulting from delays, weather conditions, technical circumstances, strikes or events of force majeure.

In the case of bus tours, indifferently if the bus is property of the Organizing Agency or has been rented for the purpose, should an accident occur, no matter in which country, the Client, with regard to the consequences of the accident, shall be under the laws that are applicable to road accidents in the nation where the vehicle is registered. The Client shall have the right to claim personal damage compensations from the company insuring the bus and as stipulated by the insurance company, and the Client, his/her beneficiaries, or legal representatives shall be entitled to receive payment in the legal tender of the country where the vehicle is registered, and payment is to take place in such country.

Before a flight, Clients are requested to be at the airport at least one hour and a half before the scheduled departure time, and they are to strictly follow the specific recommendations stated in the documents issued to them. Nevertheless, it is advisable, 48 hours prior to departure, to re-confirm the scheduled departure time of flights.


NOMADERS SL (hereinafter NOMADERS), with head offices located at Calle Dulzaina 5 – Bajo, Madrid. Fiscal Identification Number B-84688761, inscribed in the Business Register in Madrid in page number 111, tome 22676, under section 8, sheet code M-405607, Entry 1, Telephone number: +34 91 384 6197, e-mail: clientes@nomaders.com, and owner of the website www.nomaders.com, (hereinafter THE WEBSITE), by means of this statement, wishes to inform USERS of the treatment that the personal information collected from them will be subject to, so that USERS can determine freely and voluntarily, if they wish to provide NOMADERS with said information. Such information might be requested or obtained by NOMADERS from the USERS as a result of their subscription or registration as members at the WEBSITE exploited by NOMADERS, www.nomaders.com, or as a result of any purchases made through the mentioned site.

As a consequence of the registration as a USER at the WEBSITE, the USER expressly accepts that any personal information provided at the moment of the registration or which might be provided after that moment to NOMADERS, will be subject to treatment in a personal information database. The data registered in such a way will be used as a means of administering or providing the services offered by NOMADERS, as the booking of services in the USER’S name, or charging the USER for products or services purchased through the WEBSITE, carrying out statistics, the delivery of advertisements or commercial promotions through e-mail, SMS, MMS or any analogue means, either as NOMADERS or through third parties, the organization of prize-awarding contests, the subscription to news groups or solving any claims or issues.

The information-bearing files created in such a way will belong to NOMADERS, and will be under the responsibility of NOMADERS. USERS shall have the full right, at any time, to access the information contained in the automated files, and the right to amend their personal data or to have them deleted, partially or totally, as stated in the Ley de Protección de Datos (Data Protection Law), by sending an e-mail to: clientes@nomaders.com.

It is mandatory for USERS to provide every piece of information requested at the moment of registration, unless otherwise stated in the registration form. NOMADERS reserves the right to deny registration or access to the person who refuses to accept this condition.

In the event the USER is making a reservation for a flight with an origin, destination or stopover at any United States airport, NOMADERS informs that the information provided in the reservation must be disclosed to U.S. Migration Authorities.

In consequence, NOMADERS informs USERS that in order to provide USERS with the goods or services chosen by them, NOMADERS is under the necessary obligation of disclosing personal data of the USERS to the providers of the said goods or services, who from that moment will be under the obligation of using the personal information with the exclusive purpose of fulfilling the object of the contract.

Moreover, and as stated in Article 34.e in the Law of Data Protection (LOPD, Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos, 15/1999, December 13th,) the USER consents in NOMADERS disclosing personal information from the USER, under the aforementioned terms and conditions, to third-party recipients, which can be located in any part of the world, even in countries where there is not an equivalent degree of protection to that offered by the LOPD.

The USER’S consent to his personal information being treated or shared with others can be withdrawn at any moment. To do so, a written communication at the e-mail stated above, to the person in charge of the database, should suffice.

NOMADERS would like to let USERS know that their personal information will be treated confidentially and stored in secure servers that meet the requirements set forth in Spanish Data Protection laws.


NOMADERS reserves the right to assign the USER’S computer the so-called Cookies during any kind of use or access to the WEBSITE.

A cookie is a unique identifier text file that the computer’s navigator stores in the hard drive. Whenever the USER visits the WEBSITE, the WEBSITE’S servers will be able to recognize the cookie and will provide NOMADERS with information regarding the last visit of the USER. Most of the navigators accept cookies in an automatic way, but the USER is given the possibility to alter the navigator’s setup for cookies not to be stored. In the event that the USER refuses to be assigned cookies, the USER will still be able to use most of the WEBSITE’S services, included the purchase of goods or services. If at any moment you would like to make any comments or complain about the way we are using your personal information, please contact us through our e-mail clientes@nomaders.com

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